Calling All Birthday Girls!

Today Camp Simcha’s celebrated theme was…Birthday Parties! After breakfast along with our regular activities, our day began with a very special treat….none other than our favorite Simcha (motorcycle) Riders! Excitement was in the air as campers enjoyed their motorcyle rides around camp and reportedly joined in dancing with the motorcylclists afterward! A great time was had by all as we look forward to this activity every year!

During lunch, we welcomed our latest arrival to camp, Rachel R.! Following, we had a birthday party celebration that began with a Pass-the-Present game. Among the numerous presents that campers won, Eliana got a jump rope, Bassie R. received a yoyo, and Ryan’s gift was a Go Fish game. We then moved on to freeze dancing and Musical Chairs- at one point, campers had to drink a cup of water before they sat down!

After Musical Chairs, the campers worked on a chesed project: creating bead bracelets and coloring jewelry boxes for children of OHEL and Friendship Circle. Finally, cake decorating rounded off the birthday party. Each bunk received a sheet cake and had the opportunity to decorate their cake with frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and an assortment of other yummy candies. Each cake was to be judged afterward based on it’s presentation- the winner still to be announced! After the celebrations, campers went off to their various activities- Ropes Course, Jamming, Calendar Making, Papercuts, Swoosh and Leather, among many.

Now off to dinner and then night activity, which is sure to be a blast! We’ll be back soon with more updates!