Steve Nash visits Camp Simcha Special

This morning, Steve Nash, a 2 time NBA MVP and 7 time NBA All-Star, came to Camp Simcha to witness our skills first hand. After landing in camp on a helicopter, Steve proceeded to the dining room where he was a spectator to a Camp Simcha rendition of upROAR. From his front row seat , Steve witnessed campers and staff members dancing and chanting. He couldn’t resist our intoxicating spirit, and after a few moments had to join in on the fun. When asked if he would like to be a counselor here next year, Steve responded that he didn’t think he had enough energy to keep up!

Next, Steve visited the Camp gym where he gave a basketball clinic to our campers. Some lucky campers were taught how to shoot free throws, lay ups, and three pointers as our other campers got to watch the show. After that Steve showed us some cool circus shots including shooting backwards and kicking the ball into the basket.

Steve ended by signing a few autographs and posing for picture with campers. He then addressed the eager crowd, and said: “We all have disabilities, and yet we all have tremendous good in each one of us. Each of you here is a super star with a lion’s heart. Stay strong.”

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